Reviews: Spelunky

I love it, even throughout all of the angry Shopkeeper deaths.

Spelunky has a simple enough concept: enter a cave and get as much loot as you can without dying. That's where simple ends. Pretty soon, you'll have to deal with spiders dropping on your head, spikes just out of sight, shopkeepers armed and dangerous, mummies, and a couple dozen other deadly things.

That's not to say it isn't fun, though. Throughout all the deaths, one must persist, making progress each and every time, until you are capable of getting through the Mines, and then the Jungle, and so on.

One of my first roguelikes, I was hooked on it as soon as I started, even though I couldn't get past the Mines at first. But as I kept playing, I enjoyed it more, found more and more secrets, and eventually filled out the journal.

Learning about all the traps is a requirement if you wish to make progress, unless you want to die to some Tiki Traps a couple dozen times. After you get past dying a bunch, though, the game is very fun and enjoyable. If you can, you should get the remake. Not that Classic is bad, but the remake is better.

"Happy spelunking!" -Yang