Reviews: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Special Edition

an LP like no other

I'm going to say it right here: this is not a Lets Play. This is an experience. This is something that no man with an ounce of sense would even consider doing unless he had absolutely no time on his hands whatsoever, which is what I theorize Docfuture to have gone through, hence this...."LP".

It even manages to befuddle everyone into believing it to be real, with a suitably realistic of sorts Emerald Hill zone video. Its not until the Chemicals zone where Muppet Babies slowly fades into view in the background that it begins to sink in: This is not your father's Let's Play. the intermission videos like that one Toejam & Earl advert or the Nick Arcade with its almost Guilty Gear style rock track with Melissa Joan Hart failing to beat Robotnik in 35 seconds, puts it perfectly into perspective. It also sinks in the whole absurdity of the tihng by stating the unlocking of characters such as Chris Thorndyke or the Chaotix some time before they were even born in a sense. Once it starts saying that Mikhail Gorbachev and the mysterious "Your Fate" are unlocked, its lost its head.

The music used throughout also stays with you. Acapella Mystic Cave theme, that is all I can say, not to mention my personal favourite, the Acapella Ending music.

And what about the random side stories, especailly the heart-wrenching tale of box-headed outcast, Failure Cresh? Stuff like that tugs at the heartstrings AND reminds you what you are experiencing is not an LP. You sit there at the computer and wonder: "Just what the fuck am I watching?!"

I admire how Docfuture delved into the murky past of Sonic 2 just so he can create one of, if not THE most memorable LP of our generation, but I will congratulate him on creating...well, something that is no ordinary LP. I'd give ANYTHING for a Sonic game with a Knuckles-Robotnik dance battle, or an Touhou/Whatevershmupyoulike battle with giant Sega systems from the past.

tl;dr the real title should be "Let's Experience Sonic 2: Special Edition".