Reviews: Skylanders Spyros Adventure

A bit expensive. (3DS Version)

People who were fans of the first 3 Spyro The Dragon games have had to go through a lot lately. Ever since Insomniac stopped developing, the series took a sharp drop in quality, and The Legend Of Spyro was the series hitting rock bottom. "How could it possibly get any worse than that?" you may be asking. Well, I have good news and bad news.

First, the good news. Skylanders Spyros Adventure is the best game the series has seen since the original trilogy. While some people may be put off by the change to Spyro's design and the lack of returning characters from the original series, there is no reason to let those bother you; the game is quite strong on its own merits. The 3DS version plays a lot like the 3D platformers of yore, and while the combat can be rather simplistic, there are many thins to explore and many extra challenges to complete. In addition, each level has multiple objectives, and because the game imposes a time limit that will likely prevent you from completing them all in one go, you'll likely be back a few times before completing the stage. The level design is great, and the amount of extra things to do makes it feel like a complete experience.

Now for the bad news. While the game is quite fun, the Augmented Reality nature of the game is really just there to sell toys. Many of the extra challenges mentioned above can only be completed with a character of the right type, and sometimes you'll need to buy a figurine you don't have to get a character of the right type. With the money you'll spend to get the characters needed to complete the game 100%, you'll likely be able to buy a couple full 3DS games instead.

Even if you don't buy any extra figurines, however, the main game can be completed with any character, and it offers a quite satisfying experience. If you want to unlock more content, though, wait until the figurines go down in price.