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There are common stigmas related to "free to play" multilayer, and for good reason. There is always that "BRIBE FOR VICTORY" path that makes the game seem meaningless, or the "sorry, you must pay 100 to play the full game", but this game isn't that kind of game

well, not in ruining form. This game does have options to pay for advantage, but it isn't limited to "pay or suffer", most payed stuff is either gimmicky, such as the ability to return to your spawn when wearing a certain piece of armor, or just "pay for time or convenience", you can open another bank account for items for 30 days or gain EXP or XP (yes, they are separate) at twice the speed for an hour. Alright, now that we have the "most common fear" out of the way, let's talk about the game.

The game is an interesting run through the shin megami tensi world as a unique individual. One thing I must praise is the atmosphere, it's well placed. In a city? Hey look, demons. Hey look, robots! Hey look, techno background music. In the wild? Hey look, demons you can hit. Hey look, that one demon that looks cool! Hey look, that one demon you need for fusion! hey look,I just called an angel and demon. You never run out of things that make the new area colorful. From characters to conversation to demons, you get to enjoy something you don't often find in ftp MM Os, feeling that everything is strange, yet where it should be. If you have a sudden need to get a demon that appears to be a fairy, look around a bit and you should find one. The combat is also so streamlined as to be enjoyable, or at least it won't feel like dead weight. The mon aspect is also nice, as you can work to change your alignment so that certain mons don't cost as much, and it feels natural rather then wrenched in.

All in all this game is worth it to check out if you are interested, but not if you are looking for something else rather than what feels like a generic MMO with an interesting system.
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