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  • 3rd Feb 11
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Okay, who let Arkanoid have Havok Physics?

For over three decades, the colorful bricks in Breakout clones have gotten pummeled mercilessly by balls, machine guns, and an array of other deadly, destructive powerups...

Now... it's their turn to STRIKE BACK!

And they're ANGRY.

Welcome to Shatter, a modernized, high-def redux of the old Breakout / Arkanoid formula we know and love. The graphics are lively, colorful, stylish, and superb. The music is memorable and catchy. The gameplay is challenging and addictive. The only problem? There's a physics engine involved now. Some detatched bricks will drift around the play field, others will downright fall on you, and yet others will mess with the air currents and throw off the ball's trajectory. And having something fall on you is bad news, rendering your bat incapable of bouncing the ball back for a moment and hitting you with massive score penalties. Sounding fun yet?

Actually, it is. Quite. Because the bat isn't a weakling, either. For one thing, you have the power to screw with the physics yourself, creating a vortex of air to suck objects toward you or blow them away. Not only is this useful for guiding the ball toward you or blowing away hazards, it allows you to fine-tune the ball's path in mid-flight so it can hit those last few bricks much faster. You can also deploy more of your extra lives at once for additional speed and score. And if you're stuck in an avalanche, you can protect yourself with a temporary shield.

And when you've really had enough of those bricks, unleash a mighty shard storm on them! During play, every brick shatters into tiny shards which the bat may suck up. Gather enough of them, and you can slow down time to release a barrage of several hundred projectiles onto the brick wall! It's like that shooting powerup in Arkanoid, but much more badass.

And that's just the core concept! Shatter sports stunning production values, 70 levels, 10 bosses, and some extra modes like Co-op, endless, and boss rush, all complete with online leaderboards. Its graphics sparkle like glass and its music will never leave your head. All-in-all, an excellent indie effort and a worthy addition to your library. Go get it!