Reviews: Scratches

Appropriately Creepy, Despite Its Age

Scratches is a good point-and-click mystery game. The story seems pretty simple: an author leaves for a reclusive area, so that he can focus on writing his new book and the old, abandoned manor he heads into has an obvious mystery to it. Pretty standard.

The graphics of the game look great. The game is old, sure, but the scenery of the garden, the manor and everything, very good. It's like you are walking through an old manor.

What I consider the best thing, is the atmosphere in the game. The music is appropriately unsettling when necessary and moving around the manor, even when nothing is going to happen, can be a little intimidating. There's just a sense of dread and tension in the air the entire time.

Downside to the game is the heavy amount of Guide Dang It moments. A lot of things need to be done and, if one wants to get the secret ending, you need to follow exact steps in the right order, to do them. And even if one just wants to finish the game, sometimes you need to do things in a way that you might not consider, needing a guide again.

A lot of the items also blend it very well with the background, so you often have to hunt around for them or backtrack, because you didn't notice that you could pick something up.

It's definitely worth a playthrough or watch.