Reviews: Postal

Who says postal doesn't have a story

The postal series is a very strange one indeed. The series started out as an incredibly horrifying and atmospheric tale of a man who just snapped and went on a rampage. It was very disturbing and a downright horror game at points (especially the ending, no spoilers.) Then, postal 2 comes out and seems to be the exact opposite of everything postal 1 was. It played all the violence and edginess for laughs and was a dark comedy game that was offensive to some and downright hilarious to others. But what intrigues me the most is what the devs are planning for the future of the series. After postal 3 was revealed to all have been a dream during the paradise lost expansions opening, the devs seem to have some kind of vague story planned for the series. While all the levels consist of random errands and allowing the player to do as they please, all the events are connected and seem to be trying to set up a theme of over the top comedy on the surface with a much darker theme going on underneath. I hope we can see more at some point in postal 3/4 (whatever they're going to call it, as postal 3's non canon)

Postal (1997) review

Very great game. Not necessarily for it's gameplay or graphics since I admit their both pretty sub-par, but the atmosphere, good god. I love how morbid the game is, really feels like you're in the mind of someone who, after letting the stress of life get to him, snaps and goes postal. The ominous loading screens coupled with how the actual levels look so innocent, as if this was all taking place in a 90's Nickelodeon cartoon, only for you to reek absolute havoc upon everything in sight, it all fits together nice. If you're looking for a game that feels as though Stanley Kubrick was involved, I recommend this. Here's hoping that after Paradise Lost comes out, RWS decides to take Postal back to it's darker roots, at least for one last time.