Reviews: Pokemon Rumble

Pokemon Rumble World: Is it WORTH it?

Recently, I have downloaded Rumble World, and ironically, it's almost perfect unlike other free-to-play games I've played. Yes, you might need to pay for those Pokediamonds but they can be bought at a perfect deal. (500 for 7.50-ish bucks?! Alright!)

The gameplay feels good (unless your attack is on auto, which FREAKING SUCKS) but the difficulty gets ramped up a lot when you progress more. While getting 100% might be hard as hell, it is good to backtrack on stages that are useless to you as you can get more Pokedollars and more stronger Mons you've already gotten.

When you're switching out, it can be a chancey opportunity that you can fail. Which sucks, cause in boss stages, switching out can be crucial and if you're stuck between a horde of hard-ass Mons, you're f***ed. Then again, wasting 2 Pokediamonds isn't bad...but the option to do that is hard because it defaults to selecting 'no'. Press A without thinking carefully, and you've been f***ed.

Unless you're poor/have no credit card/your parents are poor/your parents don't have credit cards/YOU DON'T HAVE VISA OR MASTERCARD, which means, it's game over. (Too bad I have over 600 Pokediamonds...)

Overall, the game is fun to play, and it will last long until you run out of money. Or just want to play the next anticipated game. Unless you don't have money. MONEY I TELLS YA.

I give Pokemon Rumble World...

...7.8/10. Too much rumble.