Reviews: Play Station All Stars Battle Royale

should have copied more from brawl

I'll admit, I only played through one arcade mode (Ratchet) so if anyone else has gotten really into the game and loves it, consider this review uninformed. This is for any brawl fans out there who wanted to see if this was smash bros but with good online support; it isn't. The combat system relies one smacking around your enemies until you can use one of your 3 supers, with the more powerful supers requiring more bars. This of course leads to the problem of characters that have the best level 1 supers being pretty easily the best characters. This also leads to the more indirect problem of making blocking seem pointless, as while the others will get more powerful for hitting you, you aren't in any direct danger of being killed by any attack that isn't a super. It also could have used to take some lessons from brawl's move sets, with everyone having basic melee attacks and the special attacks being explicitly different. Outside of what I feel to be important about one's enjoyment of the game, I guess the customization is pretty good, with different taunts and such being available. The stages are pretty as well, but I'd have to say that actually annoys me more than impresses me, as it gets a little too flashy. Which gets distracting. The game isn't terrible, and the customization, and online services are good, but there's a lot of wasted potential here.


Let's start by removing all biased opinions I have by screaming them below.

This game rocks! I love the supers and rivalry system! Ooh, I can customize my character's intro and taunts! Yeah, eat that you Kratos spammer! Think you can beat me Radec? Well you suck you noob! Oh my God I just beaten a level 999! SCREW THIS GAME! DAMN IT WHY DID THEY GIVE SLY THAT SUPER! Stop spamming that! OH MY GOD YOU NOOB! JUST DIE IN A HOLE YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF CRAP! I HATE THIS GAME! SOMEONE NERF SACKBOY'S LEVEL 3! THIS IS A SICK RIPOFF OF SSBB!

Back to the review

Story: The story is nonexistent and is made out of thin sticks. You get some sort of gathering where our characters will go to and fight for some reason and then face off with their rival in a misunderstanding cutscene. Then you fight clones while the boss looks pretty in the background. I'd rate this a low

Graphics: Visually stunning. Heck when I die in Stock battles that don't make me rage I'm more interested in the background on how the Resistance stage event occurs.

Gameplay: This tried to be unique on the gameplay, being similar and different from Brawl's mechanics at the same time. Same directional button attack influence but has different styling. Superbot tries to be connected to the character's moveset and did a really great job on it. The supers were definitely contreversial and some complain that they need nerfing or boosting. And some cheap moves like Giga Punch + Human Bullet, Raiden's Forward Square and R2, or Sweet Tooth's air neutral square + r2 can really be frustrating to deal with. The characters all need rebalancing, (With prominent example being Kratos) and some complain that they should be all nerfed or boosted. Some characters that were wanted in the game aren't there either *cough* Crash *cough* or aren't liked by fans 2 coles and new dante. But at least Superbot is trying to get them in.

Anyway, in my opinion All Stars is a great game! Not perfect, but good. It would have to withstand time to face SSBB as a rival, but as a first game it wasn't bad. I still think SSBB is much more superior. All Stars is indeed a copy of SSBB, but its because there are barely any games like SSBB in its genre and it even tries to be different. We just need more games in its genre.

I'd give it a 7 - 7.5 on average. Review would be edited