Reviews: Peggle

Rebelling against Darker And Edgier in the form of a stupidly addictive puzzler

I was first introduced to Peggle by way of Peggle Extreme, and assumed at first I wouldn't like it. I thought "just another puzzle game", and didn't think much of it, until I tried it.

A few days later, I bought Peggle Deluxe.

The game's mix of strategy and short levels gives it that Just One More Level quality that a lot of games which they had. Plus, there's slight randomness - you don't know which pegs will be the orange, green or purple ones with any play of that level, so strategies are always being modified every time you play. Plus, the special powers that come from hitting green pegs adds just that additional bit of strategy the game needs, without adding too much complication. It's really the perfect mix of strategy and fast-moving gameplay. You never spend too much time lining up one shot, and the game just flows at a satisfying pace.

What really surprises me about Peggle is its theme. Obviously it's a family-friendly game (minus the hilarious self-deprecating Peggle Extreme), and I wouldn't have it any other way. But we have a unicorn, a cartoony space alien, an anthropomorphic flower, a magician rabbit, and other cute cartoon characters serving as avatars. They even make cheesy jokes at times at the beginning of every level, like the cat saying "I have a fever! The only thing that'll cure it, is EXTREME FEVER (what you get when you beat a level). Get it? It's ironic because I have a fever and I said I need more fever."

The playful humor is corny, but it's another thing I like about Peggle. It's not concerned with trying to be cool. Indeed, with games like Uncharted and Torchlight being developed by US companies, it seems as if Darker And Edgier may be on the decline, and I am ever grateful for that. Peggle embraces its own light-hearted brand of cartoony fun and doesn't care if you have something against cartoon unicorns. Like Super Mario Bros, it's fun, knows it's fun, and knows that you'll like the theme as well once you settle in and start playing.

There's only one thing Peggle really needs though: more levels!