Reviews: Pac Man Party

Mario Party and MONOPOLY, does it work?

In Pac-Man Party, you try to reach a certain cookie (Pac-Dot) goal before returning to the Cookie Factory (think of Go from MONOPOLY). The game includes eight characters (Patra being my favorite), and over 50 mini-games. The story was okay, but not really tintillating. The graphics are fantastic, the characters have all-new personality brought into them, and the worlds look beautiful even though they all work the same. The mini-games were great and the boss battles are fierce, however the AI can from it's usual dumbness to the hidden god inside. The need to set a difficulty for the computer is gone because it acts however good it feels like acting. If you are looking for a game to play with friends, this is the one, but serious party gamers should seek other games. 8/10