Reviews: No Mans Sky

Needs work

There were a ton of technical issues at launch but that's to be expected with any game of this size on release day. After patching, I can play the game and it runs fine on my machine.

Aside from that, this game has problems IMO. Specifically:

  • This might be an issue with the core concept of the game meaning it's unlikely to change, but...are we truly exploring? It seems like every planet already has outposts on it, and the sentinels seem omnipresent. I was hoping I would be the first person to see some of the planets in the game but that doesn't seem to be possible here.
  • You can't do a search of the galactic map. So if you happen to jump a number of times away from a planet you have explored and you want to go back to it, good luck.
  • No planetary map, which makes it difficult to backtrack to a particular area you want to revisit.
  • Creature AI needs work. None of them seem to do anything particularly interesting other than mill about or attack on sight.
  • Need a bigger variety of creatures. More insectoids and carnivorous plants would be cool.
  • The inventory management puzzle. We need either more slots or items should have larger stack limits.
  • Aside from inventory size and cosmetics, ships are practically identical.
  • You burn 25% of your launch fuel every time you take off unless you're on a pad or in a space station. Twenty-five percent. How inefficient is that? So that is one of your few slots that will always be taken up by carbon or plutonium or what-have-you just to allow you to take off!
  • It would be nice to find alien settlements with more than 1 or 2 inhabitants, or even towns (not asking for massive cities as I know that's not the direction the devs wanted to go, but small towns would help with immersion I think).
  • I have seen a blurb on the official website stating that they might be adding player bases. This would be an excellent addition to the game.

All that said, this game is not terrible. I do like exploring and finding new species, and I've seen some lovely vistas and had a few fun fights with sentinels and pirates, but without more depth it started to get old fast. It needs a few quality-of-life improvements and some new activities/quests in order to live up to its potential.

ONE YEAR LATER: New content (like base building) has been added but basically none of the points mentioned above have been addressed.