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Most Wanted 2012 - Or, Burnout Paradise 2 Lite.
This is my first review. Please forgive me if it is not very good. Thank you.

I've been anticipating Most Wanted '12 since the moment it was announced at E3. The Run was a big pile of shit in my opinion, so, naturally, I was comfortable with Criterion getting a second crack at the series after the great game that was Hot Pursuit 2010.

Did they succeed? Well, many people will tell you "no". As for me? I rest somewhere in the middle. Here's what I thought...

Platform for Gameplay: Xbox 360
  • Positives
    • Visually stunning. Probably one of the best looking racing games ever.
    • Races were intense and enjoyable.
    • Sense of speed was definitely there.
    • Replay value moderate.
    • Unique car selection.
  • Negatives
    • Much less content than it's - ahem - "predecessor".
    • Noticeable frame drops, however infrequent.
    • Police AI is hit or miss.
    • Terrible soundtrack. Unless you like house, rap, and/or dubstep, and unless you have a PS 3 or toy around with PC files, there's nothing much for you here.
      • Although you can turn it off.
    • Short game length - the single player can easily be finished in 7 - 14 hours, depending if one should be a completist.
  • Neither Pros nor Cons
    • Focus on Multiplayer. There are a smaller amount races in the single player game compared to Burnout Paradise, with 60 rather than 120. Multiplayer can be fun, though, but this depends on 3 factors -
      • How many kids are on a server -
      • How many of these kids drive game breakers, and -
      • How many of these kids who drive game breakers ram people for no reason other than to be annoying. (And I do know this is to get SpeedPoints. So don't bother telling me they do this for that reason.)
    • Little customization. Yes, I know that the original NFS had no customization other than colors. But this is a reimagining of Most Wanted, a game that did. The only form of customization in the game is performance. Depending on what era of Need for Speed you belong to, this can be a good or bad thing.

So, is this a game you should pick up at full price? Of course not. Wait until the price drops to the mid 20 dollar range, only then would I say you should buy it. 7 out of 10.
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