Reviews: Nanashi No Game

A decent first attempt of the horror genre

This game is a short one as horror games go but it is clear that Square Enix has the potential to create more horror games like this one. The atmosphere is eerie and the inclusion of the cursed RPG definitely adds to the spooky factor of the game as a whole with its deliberate glitches; it also serves as a clever way to clue players in on the backstory as well as immerse the players into the game. The sounds definitely invoke terror as well, be it the death rattle breaths of the ghosts or the sound of feet behind the player.

The controls can be a bit clunky at times, which may add to the fright factor especially when a ghost is in pursuit of you and you realize you can't move your characters as fast as you'd like. The whole game is also in Japanese which may put off some people who cannot understand a word as this is definitely a story-driven game. However, those who enjoy Survival Horror, mystery, and know a bit of Japanese should definitely check this game out. It's not a masterpiece, but Square Enix has done quite a good job in attempting a game of the Survival Horror genre.