Reviews: Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: This Game is Awesome!

While the game can start off a bit slow and unintuitive to new players, which may turn some people off, if they can get past the tutorial and get used to the controls theyíll find hours upon hours of entertaining gameplay. The monsters are varied and interesting, with great designs all around. The weapons are cool and fun to use, with enough variety in their role and use that thereís at least one for every kind of player. Itís great to play with a group of friends, and even if you canít, itís still a ton of fun to play solo. The difficulty ramps up nicely as well, starting fairly easy but still challenging in Low Rank, becoming harder with subspecies and new monsters and new moves for old monsters in High Rank, then pulling out all the stops and really making the player buckle down and play at their best in every single hunt in G Rank. To some, that may sound bad, but the high difficulty just makes things more fun. The previous Monster Hunter games were notorious for their bad camera controls, but this game makes those a moot point. The addition of the touch screen camera and monster cam really help as well, allowing you to make slight camera adjustments easily while still moving and dodging, or just completely ignore the actual camera altogether by just using L to look at the monster when need be. The only real shortcomings it has are in the underwater controls, which can often leave you wondering which way is up, or just obscure your view (and fighting in the Flooded Forest with its underwater plants sticking up in front of the camera doesnít help either). Other than that, though, there are no big flaws. Nitpicks can be made here and there depending on the player (ďI canít play online because of where I liveĒ, etc.), but the game as a whole is incredibly solid and fun, and will definitely keep players coming back for more later. I would definitely recommend anyone who has never heard of the series to check it out right away.