Reviews: Misao

Good For What It Is

There's not a whole lot I can say about this game without either blatantly talking about spoilers or just using words to expand on what I've already said.

It's a good game. It features a decent story and an amount of 'puzzles' to figure out, in order to proceed to the end of the game. While there are two endings, one is considered the right one and unlocks a second little scenario to play through.

The characters are pretty bland and flat, with nothing too surprising revealed about them; not even in the second scenario, which goes a bit more in-depth about them.

What I did like was the sheer amount of ways to die. I sometimes got surprised that something resulted in death, but it was such a surprise and seemed so stupid-silly, I laughed. So the gameplay more goes into the Trial-And-Error section: see what kills you, then reload and do everything to avoid that.

Unfortunately, it's a pretty short game. I believe I only took a little over an hour to complete the game and barely 30 minutes for the second scenario. But definitely worth playing.