Reviews: Mega Man X 5



I just want to vent that holy crap this game's got atmosphere up the wazoo. I seriously felt, from the intro stage, that everything was going wrong and that the end was coming the entire game. The intro stage itself was pretty cool, what with the intro boss actually having big implications instead of being a random monster Mechaniloid that you kill in ten seconds, but actually Sigma himself, and that beating him sets off the story. I feel like Dynamo kinda makes the mood weird with his chill, joking 'tude and comes out of no where with little depth or motivation other than being a hired asshat, breaking up the incoming-apocalypse vibes, but yeah the rest of the characters are good. The race to find the parts of the cannon and shuttle is super tense, at least it was for me, and I felt like there was actually gravity to the situation. Like, in X4 for example I felt like I could go at my own pace and fight the Mavericks like whatever, they'll all get defeated eventually, but in X5 I felt the need to blast through each Maverick's stage and get all these parts asap so I could stop the end of the world. Like yo, I feel the need to clarify that this game stressed me out bad as a kid, I felt like I needed to beat the entire thing in one sitting because of how intense it felt for me, and even today the plot stresses me out and I can hardly think about the game's plot without feeling a bit of that stress all over again. The ending stages are all dripping with atmosphere too, the music is amazing, the fight with Zero's cool as heck even though it wasn't super hard lol, Sigma fight was good, ending was solid, YEAH. It was NUTS.

Rest of the game was aight too.

Mega Man X5

If I can describe X5 with one word, it would be "sloooooooow."

Seriously, the pacing of this game is atrocious. You have the goddamn shield enemies that take their sweet time attacking, slow ass elevators, slow scrolling levels, bosses get a ton of health at higher difficulties, and Alia popping up to break up the flow of the game. The only fast-paced part is the Ride Chaser section, and it is too fast for its own good.

There are things I like in the game though. I like crouching and rope hanging. Zero's special weapons are more practical than they were in X4. Dynamo is somewhat cool and I like how his fighting style changes according to his opponent. Mega Man X5 is known for one thing, the fight between X and Zero, and it was cool. The best part is you can choose to fight X as Zero or you can fight Zero as X.