Reviews: Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Extremely Fun Game, Balance be ****ed

Ah yes, this game has so many issues that would normally sink a fighting game. It is not terribly balanced in anyway, the sprites are clearly ripped off *hello Morrigan*, the music in the game sucks. However, it has that one redeeming value that just makes everything is all forgiven: It is just so much fun. It is also so fast. It is just fun and a speckle to see Iron Man pull out his Proton cannon on say Mega Man, or being able to have Chun Li unleash a flurry of kicks on Morrigan. It helps that unlike many other fighting games, the controls are simple and it is relatively easy to pull off a combo. That way, it makes things more fun for someone who is just jumping in. They don't have to struggle to figure out complicated combos.

Sadly though, this game has been taken off the Market. So in order to play it, you need a Dreamcast or a PS2 and luck. If you can get it, then you will not regret playing it. Though it would be more satisfying for you to just get Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. It may lack Mega Man, but it just as fun that all is forgiven.