Reviews: Mario Kart 8

Great experience, but the Switch port is one of the worst examples of corporate greed I\'ve seen in quite a while.

Okay, first things first: Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U is one of the finest racing experiences I've ever played, right up there with Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed and Crash Team Racing. The variety of options of which to customise your vehicle makes for lots of great options and possibilities. The gliding and underwater sections, while they aren't wholly original, when combined with the new gravity mechanic there's some brilliant track design. The only gripe I truly have with the game is the roster: several fan-favourites are just up-and-gone: no Diddy Kong, King Boo or even Wiggler. And while I'm not stupid enough to believe that the metals replaced them (probably easy late additions, given that they're essentially colour swaps with a couple different voice lines) and moving the Koopalings into one slot wouldn't have done anything given they're more than just clones of each other, they should have brought back more characters through DLC. Despite this, it is still a great experience that any racing fan should give a shot.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, on the other hand, is a cash grab so blatant I'm honestly surprised more people haven't made a fuss about it like they would for EA or Capcom. This shitty excuse for a port actively holds back characters and karts to get fans to buy the game again. The reworked battle mode every fan has wanted as DLC is here... but those fans have to straight-up buy the game again. Utterly shameful. I'd expect EA or Capcom to do this garbage, not you, Nintendo. Nothing in Deluxe is worth wasting your money on. You should just wait for the inevitable Mario Kart 9, rather than pay for this garbage, and thus, encouraging this disgusting business practice.

My thoughts on 200cc:

Well, after a while of playing on 200cc, i think i've come to a conclusion:

The game was, plain and simple, not made to support it; i'll be honest an say that i like the idea of having more speed on the mario kart series, or at least having something to break the usual limits of "i've mastered 150cc, now what"? but truth to be told, just adding another layer of cc is completely pointless in terms of making an even bigger challenge since it's just delaying the repetition of the game to some degree, because, after you finally can get hold of 200cc, what? it wouldn't be THAT different from a newcomer that finally get's hold of the higher speed tiers.

Of course, it seems that the great difference that arises on 200cc in regards to it's previous tier, is that, as said before, the game was not ready for it, while i can see the need for more speed in order to actually make the rollercoaster nature of the game's racetracks more...rollercoastery, the normal shape of the racetracks was not made to fully support such speeds, i've been reading how it actually helps nerfing heavy characters since they will be losing their top speed because they need to brake, well, the point is, that adding a situation in which a "game-breaker" becomes useless isn't how you fix a game, in all previous tiers of speed you can play as whatever you want, and it's true you need to actually put 2 and 2 together or else your machine becomes tricky to play, but i think we can't deny that the point of the game would be more around the lines of understanding what you should NOT do unless you want to do it the hard way as opossed to the game not allowing you to do it in the first place, which means, when you play 200cc you are entering an scenario where if you want to have a chance you are forced not to deal with the shortcoming of your style as opossed to the game punishing you for it, the joke about finally having to use the break button is a good example, this being a race game, the idea of braking...well...breaks the flow of the game, breaking shouldn't be "implemented" as part of the game as much as it is a fail-safe to fall onto in case you mess up, like, that would be like saying "let's make a pokemon game where the attacks of your oponents can randomly ohko just because so you NEED the revives"