Reviews: Magical Drop

The import is not as bad as it sounds!

Everyone loves to complain how the US and World versions are "inferior" to the Japanese versions. I first encountered this game series in the US and World versions. I have played Magical Drop 1-3 and have to say it's not as bad as people make it sound.

Sure the voice acting isn't spectacular, but it's still good enough for most puzzle games. The animations are still there and still a lot of fun, the special moves and complex strategy is still in the game, and it still has the same fun, colorful attitude. It plays fairly smoothly as well- I have not hit any glitches yet!

Sure, the Japanese version has more bells and whistles, but I still love the US and World versions of Magical Drop. Just because you can't find an import doesn't mean you should avoid this game! In fact, use the fact that the US/World versions are cheaper to get ahold of an inexpensive copy to see if you like it.

If you love challenging color-match puzzles, especially with the option to tweak your playstyle (do this by selecting characters!) then go play magical drop! Import or not, you won't be disappointed.