Reviews: Knightsof The Old Republic

Not a bad game for the time

The game is enjoyable for Star Wars fans, as it stays true to the spirit of the Star Wars franchise. The story, the turn based-realtime combat and Karma Meter are all very simple, but the game is overall clean and polished. It has a grand, Space Opera-like feel. It works well as a standalone game from 2002.

BUT...even as a fan, I have to admit, you aren't likely to play it more than once because the game is rigidly linear. Whether it suffers from railroading or not is YMMV. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who prefers their RP Gs as Wide Open Sandbox, as the galaxy is actually very small, but fans of Bioware will likely enjoy it more (and possibly JRP Gers, because despite being a western rpg, IMHO it plays like it's eastern cousins).

Basically: if you don't like linear gameplay and turn-based combat, you won't like it. If you didn't like Star Wars, this isn't going to change your mind. It can be a very enjoyable game, though, if you don't mind simpler games and don't care about graphics.

really overrated

(This will likely end up a shorted version of my Game FA Qs review on the game, see the full thing here )

Firstly Kot OR's story is... Very poor. "Find the 4 Plot Coupons to defeat The Empire." doesn't even pretend to be anything of interest. It wouldn't bad if that was just the front premise, but it is all there is too see.

The combat system plays really poorly and is horribly unbalanced. The "real time with pause" does not allow the player to have use any real strategy, limiting them to "walk up enemy, bash with lightsaber, heal, repeat, use force heal if someone gets a stats condition.", because of the way the system works you can't manage something as simple as a retreat, you must manaually threw WASD direct each character out of battle, and if you manage to do so, it doesn't really work, as the enemy stands by attacking every few steps you make, because the enemy keeps tied to your back, as you can niether take a turn, and useing your superior speed outrun them (as per turnbased, as increases in move speed in RTWP only matter over long distances you can't cover in battle) or avoid the enemy being chained to you in it's entirty (real time). Ballance wise, Jedi are quadriatric, vibroblade users are linear, and gun users are a flatline. Jedi get amazeing force buffs and higher damage in the first place, guns have low range, it is impossible to get out of melee range with a foe (see above) and do poor damage while gaining nothing but worthless skills for the buffs.

Party members are boring. You have the pilot with trust issues (the same trust issues Bioware can't stop using), a street urchin who wants to stop being treated like a kid, a nagging women who wants to be your moral compass, but is far from perfect herself. The two characters with the most deph are a snarky sociopath and Jolee Bindo who has to have been designed separately, as his combination of Grumpy Old Man and The Obi Wan is actually memorable.

Player choice is limited to Lawful Stupid Chaotic Stupid, and beyond a last minute choice, has no impact beyond that quest.