Reviews: Kingdom Heartscoded

It Prints Munny!!

I consider myself a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and have all the games. However, Kingdom Hearts coded is a very large disappointment.

Most of the gameplay in coded (henceforth referred to as re: coded, the version I and most people played) revolves around revisiting digital versions of familiar Kingdom Hearts locations. These worlds are corrupted by "Bug Blox", weird cube things that are cluttering up the world. The game obviously expects you to smash them all, but often there is no point in doing so. After all, breaking generic red and black blocks gives no reward, and they can be used for platforms in a pinch.

The block based gameplay is fairly enjoyable. Players have to use blocks as platforms, smash them to get through blocked passageways and even navigate block filled mazes. However, treasure chests are now replaced with "Rare prize blox", which are a massive case of Guide Dang It. These blox only appear during the first visit and actual replays of the first visit, not the mode where you can return and explore.

Sometimes, the gameplay style shifts to a different genre. These alternate genres are not fun in the slightest, relying on Fake Difficulty and terrible controls. Olympus Colliseum's RPG is the worst, but none of them are very fun.

Also, sometimes a glitch happens in the data world, which forces you to hunt down a "system sector". These areas replace the exciting and varying worlds, teeming with puzzles with bland backgrounded areas that have gboring "find and kill X number of bad guys" missions.

These system sectors gets in the way of the game by interupting the flow of it all.

Certain other Kingdom Hearts games have some bad gameplay, but they make up for it with a good story. However re: coded's plot is mostly filler and only the ending moves the plot of the series forward. As much as I love Kingdom Hearts, re: coded seems to be mostly a shameless cash-in.