Reviews: Injustice 2

Fuck Batman

An attention-seeking title like that isn't great, but I thought 'Fuck the DC Comics staff who continually decide that their top priority in any given story is to assign the moral high ground to whichever character is most popular on the internet right now' was a bit long.

I like Injustice 2. The roster is great, the graphics are amazing, the fighting is fast-paced, the zingers fly fast - I love Captain Cold - and the story is better than I expected. But there are still enough problems with the story that I wanted to write this.

As I said before, DC decided that the most morally-superior character of all is the man who dresses up as a bat and beats up street-level thugs to work out three decades of parental abandonment issues. I'm sure it has nothing to do with him also being their most popular character.

And Superman? "Screw Superman!" said DC. "He killed Goku! And he's boring! Putting effort into writing him as a better character is hard, so let's just make him the villain!" Part of why I've always had a chip on my shoulder about Injustice is that the the story begins 'Joker kills millions - Superman kills Joker' and this is presented as his descent into villainy. I'm firmly anti-death penalty, but I think Batman is the biggest Batman villain there is, because he insists on keeping an irredeemable insane mass-murderer alive in the most cardboardingest of Cardboard Prisons, solely for the joy he gets from his eternal dick-waving morality contest with a man who has no morals.

Also, Harley Quinn. She's complicit in the murder of millions of people, but later she realises that crime is bad so Batman forgives her and makes her a high-ranking member of his team. What? Batman extends more sympathy to her than to his best friend when he lost his wife and child. And I know that Damian Wayne is The Scrappy, but Injustice 2 Batman isn't the best father.

Endings. There are two; good (Batman) or evil (Superman), obviously. I would've liked five endings. A good and bad ending for each character, so that siding with Superman didn't automatically make you the villain of a Wolfenstein game, and also so that Batman could finally not be the single most moral mortal to mort an ortal, but also a fifth ending for beating the game really well where the two sides reconcile and work out their differences; a relief from DC's trademark grimdark anti-happiness. Also, in Batman's ending, he uses Golden Kryptonite to permanently remove Superman's powers. I guarantee you that someone at Netherrealm said "That's a thing, right?" while writing that scene.

Injustice 2 is good, really. I was just a bit disappointed that they had the chance - especially with Brainiac coming in and forcing the two sides to team up - to partially redeem Superman and show Batman's flaws. Instead, it was just a repeat of the first game.

But they're adding Starfire as DLC, so it's a solid 11/10 from me.