Reviews: Indiana Jones And The Staff Of Kings

A Waste of $60

As the title might suggest, I found this to be a pretty bad game; that doesnít mean there are people who would like it, but I canít see many people who would. Just for note, I played this on the Wii, so it might have compounded some of my issues.

So whatís the story. Well itís basically this: Indiana Jones needs to go rescue a colleague which leads him to the trail of the Staff of Kings, aka the staff Moses had in the bible; along the way he has to deal with Nazis and finds a love interest along the way. There are many problems so Iíll try to condense them. My main problem with the game is the combat/controls; maybe it was because I was playing on the Wii and the other ports had better controls, but these are some of the worst controls on the Wii I have ever used. One part I remember that exemplifies this problem is towards the end of the game where you need to use a crane holding a piano to knockout enemies. The way youíre expected to control it is so terrible that you will need to repeat this part several times because you will be riddled with bullets by the enemies youíre trying to kill with the piano. Other control issues I had were with the fighting, which I found were kind of unresponsive and lagged behind your actual movement. Another issue was with the story, which I found to be somewhat forgettable; even the mini synopsis above I had to check Wikipedia to make sure what happened. One story element in particular I found to be bad was the characters; everyone except Indy is bland and not expanded upon, making them mostly forgettable. A small nitpick I had was with the gun; you could only use it in certain spots and could not pull it out during normal combat. I guess I was just use to Indiana Jones and the Emperorís Tomb when you could pull it out and use it whenever.

One thing I can say in its favor is that the final boss takes place in an setting that is not often used, to say the least.

I bought this game at the full price of $60, and it taught me a valuable lesson, to always check a game before buying it, ALWAYS. So if you can, avoid this game if you can, there are definitely better Indy games out there.