Reviews: Harvest Moon

The Tale of Two Towns

As usual, where Marvelous Entertainment takes two steps forward and corrects a complaint or two from the previous game, it takes one MASSIVE step backward. In the case of Two Towns, Steps Forward: The mechanic of the two towns adds welcome variety to the proceedings as does the message board mechanic borrowed from teh Rune Factory series.. Correction: Much improved characterization over the flat characters of Grand Bazaar and the storage system from GB is back but much improved.

And then comes the step back: The game takes too damn long. It takes nearly four years, in-game, to reach 100% on your farm. There are two farms, each with features that cannot be replicated on the other. The improvement requests only come once a month and there's no way to speed things up. Not to mention you can't unlock the tunnel mines until you reach 100% on a farm. Full One Hundred Percent Completion takes almost a decade. And that's leaving aside the player trolling of not being able to harvest the wireless fields for yourself and Alicia finally being a real bachelorette, but one that won't have a kid with you.

This would be one of the best games in the series, hands-down, without the Fake Longevity. With it, it's dragged down to the middle of the pack.

7 out of 10.