Reviews: Ghosts N Goblins

Super Ghouls 'N' Ghosts

Bad Points
  • When you're hit, you get sent flying backwards, which can knock you down a pit. But then, you only get two hit points, so you probably shouldn't get hit in the first place.
  • Beating the Final Boss without a certain, difficult to obtain weapon gets you sent all the way to the beginning as opposed to facing the True Final Boss.
  • Without using your Double Jump, you have extremely little control over your path in mid-air.

Good Points
  • You can change the way you face in mid-air. Combined with your limited control in mid-air, this allows you to attack enemies behind you without slowing down. The limited mid-air control is like a double-edged sword.
  • It feels awesome to get the gold armor, which comes with awesome perks!
  • Like The Legend Of Zelda series and Okami, I really like the game but can't seem to put my finger on why. I can't find anything outstanding about how the levels were designed, and the gameplay didn't stand out either. Point is, I like it.

Neutral Ponts
  • It... wasn't as hard as I expected. It was hard, but not Nintendo Hard. It's completely devoid of the Demonic Spiders I expected to be swarmed with, even Red Arremer Ace can be practically ignored without getting hit. Was everyone exaggerating, or am I just that good?
  • Rather short, but that makes getting sent back to the beginning less painful.