Reviews: Ghosts N Goblins

Immensely satisfying to beat.

So, I got an NES Classic Edition (somehow). This was the first game I decided to play. Why? I don't know. Bragging rights? Okay, whatever. I thought I should review this, so here we are. Let's get into it, shall we?

Okay, first off, allow me to address a part of why the game is so notorious: This game is hard. Like, really frickin' hard. For the most part, it's Nintendo Hard, yes, but there are a few things that really irk me.

The weapons. Good lord, the weapons. The only one that's actually any good is the knife. The lance is mediocre, and the flame flat-out sucks. Think the Fire Flower, except crappy, and the fireballs don't bounce. And I've found an axe in stage 5. Know what it does? No? Too bad, I don't want to find out.

The AI is a bit of a double-edged sword. Yes, it's unpredictable, much like a real person, but it's too smart for its own good. Almost nothing is pattern-based, which can turn basically anything into Demonic Spiders or Goddamned Bats. Enjoy the Red Arremers.

Weirdly, but very refreshing, in comparison to the levels, the bosses are cake to beat. This is where the knife really comes in handy. For the first and second bosses, all you need to do is crouch and spam. The only boss I had anything remotely resembling a hard time with was Satan, and even he wasn't too bad. And the final boss is hilariously anticlimactic.

For more minor things that annoy me, there's the fact that there's almost never a chance to get your first hit point back if you lose it. There's only one point in stage 5, besides finishing a stage.

Now, the most rediculous things. Needing the shield to reach the final boss? Really? And if you try to get in otherwise, you get sent back to stage 5, and after that, you have to rebeat the hell that is stage 6.

You totally didn't see this one coming- You have to beat the game twice. Yeah, not even kidding here. You have to play through the game twice to get the real ending, whic is likely gonna feel less rewarding than the fake one. To quote the Angry Video Game Nerd, it's like building a house and tearing it down once you're done to build it again.

And then you have to beat the game a third time... To get the bad ending. Earn Your Bad Ending has always been an annoying trope for me, but this takes it to new levels. Nope, I'm out. You can't convince me to play through stage 3 a third time.

Super Ghouls 'N' Ghosts

Bad Points
  • When you're hit, you get sent flying backwards, which can knock you down a pit. But then, you only get two hit points, so you probably shouldn't get hit in the first place.
  • Beating the Final Boss without a certain, difficult to obtain weapon gets you sent all the way to the beginning as opposed to facing the True Final Boss.
  • Without using your Double Jump, you have extremely little control over your path in mid-air.

Good Points
  • You can change the way you face in mid-air. Combined with your limited control in mid-air, this allows you to attack enemies behind you without slowing down. The limited mid-air control is like a double-edged sword.
  • It feels awesome to get the gold armor, which comes with awesome perks!
  • Like The Legend Of Zelda series and Okami, I really like the game but can't seem to put my finger on why. I can't find anything outstanding about how the levels were designed, and the gameplay didn't stand out either. Point is, I like it.

Neutral Ponts
  • It... wasn't as hard as I expected. It was hard, but not Nintendo Hard. It's completely devoid of the Demonic Spiders I expected to be swarmed with, even Red Arremer Ace can be practically ignored without getting hit. Was everyone exaggerating, or am I just that good?
  • Rather short, but that makes getting sent back to the beginning less painful.