Reviews: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ringof Fates

Like evicted tennants

Genuinely moving

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of jrpgs, the main problem I run into with them is their characters aren't very relatable. Sure its awesome to play as the badass hero, but you can't really identify with them. Likewise with their villains. They're evil, but you very rarely feel the true compulsion to stop them at any cost.

That's this games greatest strength. Its characters. Yuri and Chelinka are genuinely likeable and relatable characters that I really enjoyed playing as. You could just feel what it would be like to be them, what their struggles must be like. You just connected with them as they matured and progressed.

The other playable characters, Al, Meeth and Gnash were also very likable characters that I enjoyed playing as.

Also, the villains are genuinely detestable and their relations to the heroes make you want to stop them that much more. I cannot tell you how satisfying it was to hand Cu Chaspel his smug ass after he had been taunting you and making your life hell throughout the game.

Gameplay wise, I'm impressed how they managed to add so many gameplay aspects and still have it flow naturally together. It all worked well and was seamless to use (except for Meeth's alchemy, that was pretty useless). Gnash's double jump was insanely useful.

One thing though, this game is a giant tear-jerker. For someone as emotionally reserved as a freezer, this game seriously got to me. There were so many times where I had to put the game down for a while because... Damn... The ending especially left me emotionally drained. Seriously, I have not felt this kind of emotional investment in a game in a very long time.

There were a few nitpicks to be made. Your ally AI is incredibly thick, almost on par with the Rock Raiders. They have no sense of self-preservation and rarely attack, making them more of a liability than anything. This was particularly evident during the final boss fight where they'd just stand there and let themselves get killed. I wasted all my raise magicites on them, only to let themselves get killed again, so I pretty much solo'd that fight. Also, as good as the graphics are, some close-up shos really look dodgy. Mind you, they were still gorgeous.

Overall, this game was phenomenal. I loved the characters, hated the villains, really felt moved and I'd totally play this again.