Reviews: Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata PS3 - a very flawed game

When I first read about Eternal Sonata I was excited because I've enjoyed playing Chopin's pieces before and like JRP Gs. Unfortunately, the story and gameplay were both disappointing. Aside from Chopin and Polka, none of the other characters got much development at all. The main character, Allegretto, is undeveloped and bland. His romance with Polka is underdeveloped and unconvincing, relying on cliches. Even Chopin and Polka didn't get as much development as I would have liked, as Chopin especially does not get as much time in the spotlight as the game's premise and cover art would lead you to believe. The writing in general relies on anime cliches and is not very good. The plot is slow-paced, relies too heavily on characters holding the Idiot Ball, especially the prince of Baroque, and is full of irrelevant , frustrating padding such as having to find a boy who fell off a cliff before you can advance the plot. To add insult to injury the boy didn't even need your help in the first place! The acting of the character models is not very good. The good points are that Chopin and Polka are interesting and likable and what character development they do get is pretty good. The English voice acting is good too, though Polka's voice was a little too high-pitched for my tastes. The ending of the game was decent in terms of character development for Chopin and Polka, but could have been presented better. The themes were similarly decent but could have been presented better. The gameplay was tolerable, but the battle system lacked depth and guarding felt like an annoying Quick Time event. The soundtrack is excellent, though, and the graphics are pretty. This game has a few good points, but, as others have said, it's a waste of a good premise and there are better games to spend your time on.

Eternal Sonata 360 - main points review

As soon as I heard about the concept for this game I've wanted to play it, after putting it off for too long I finally finished and I was pleased, yet disappointed.

Be forewarned, I Accentuate The Negative.

The plot of the game is clichéd, but most of it is at least worth playing. I can't help but think how much different and better this game might have been with a different main character though. Also the cut scenes needed a good editor, I really didn't care after about three minutes of one chacters ten minute death monoluge.

The Graphics are beautiful. The music is FANTASTIC. This game just has a good ambiance to it.

The combat system is slightly innovative, but lacks depth. The item system in combat is handled poorly, it needed a way to open a menu and choose what you wanted to use, not having to select/use the items in real time. The combo-system was basic on the boring side after a while. The special attacks are unbalanced around each other, some of them are leaps and bounds more powerful than others. Just find the special with the most hits, and you will be picking the one you should use, don't bother with AOE ones, getting them to line up right is a pain.

Other than those things though it is an imaginative system and a great take on a turn based system. The option to actively defend attacks was great, but I could never get a counterattack off the entire time I played.

Party levels were frustrating, I'm sure for some they are fantastic, they increase the power potential but also increase the difficulty. But for me, the enhanced difficulty felt like a character nerf and Dethroning Moment Of Suck territory.

There was waaaay too much padding, about half the time, you will be in doing things that don't matter to the plot.

I hope you like fighting the same two monsters over and over, because each dungeon usually has about 2-3 monsters. I also hope you don't mind that the monsters on the map usually just ignore you instead of engaging you, you don't need to fight them you can just go around, which is kind of a plus.

For me, a fairly experienced RPG player, this game was easy, I didn't have a single TPK the entire way through, although I considered losing on purpose to the end boss, you'll see why if you play.

All in all, an allright game, but with wasted potential 7/10.