Reviews: Enter The Matrix


The first time I saw this game, I was in gr. 5 and I thought about asking my dad to get it, but I didn't. Just last year I finally bought a copy of it to, at least, play through Niobe's side of the story.

I like this game despite the fact I couldn't figure out the Hacking mini-game and the glitches. E.g. - the one time I got stuck in the floor in the middle of the Merovingian's attic. It's got a lot more straight-forward story than in the later The Matrix Path Of Neo. The levels are good, some are really hard, the airport, the second part of the sewer escape. You see a lot more of the Merovingian's chateau in this one, than in Path of Neo or even the movies themselves, so if you want to see more of that I'd recommend this one.

I'll admit I was just here for the Niobe/Persephone kiss. But, then I got pulled further in by saving Ghost and being chased by the Smiths. There's a lot more going on in the city than the movies show and there's even a warf, but you die if you forget it's there and fall in.

Either way, it's a good game and if you still have a PS2, like me, or an Xbox and you find it somewhere get it.