Reviews: Dragons Lair

Frustration and Animation

I got lucky and found the basic DVD game of Dragons Lair at a movie store for three bucks. The first thing I found is that this game is easier with an actual remote control. You can use a playstation or Xbox controller, too, but be prepared to spend about twenty minutes figuring out the controls. With that done, it's time for the game!

Yes, this game will frustrate you. They weren't kidding about blowing over an hour just to master a little minute long scene! Push the button at the wrong time? Dead. Push the wrong button at the right time? Dead.

The good news is that they did throw you a bone with the DVD version. My version lags just slightly when you are supposed to push a button. This is your cue to do something, fast! The rest is careful observation and timing. Look for little things like ledges and ropes and don't be afraid to guess if it looks like you may be able to interact with it. If you get stuck, check on youtube for a playthrough so you can see what you need to do next.

Like all early Don Bluth, the animation is beautiful, the story is fun, and there's a real feeling of energy and life to every single scene! Even if you don't have the patience to play this game, at least look up a play through video. You won't be disappointed! If you do manage to play it through without rage quitting, the feeling of accomplishment as you make this beautiful work of art run is worth it.