Reviews: Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten

Simply Amazing

So I just finished playing the game, and played through the post game. I must say, the series isn't one I'll forget. The story line, is easy to get sucked into, and never gets too complicated. The nice part is that it doesn't require you to play the other games to understand the story. I enjoyed the insane amount of gags, and lampshade hangings that were scattered around the story. The battle system always keeps things fresh, by adding new skills, which makes even level grinding fun.

The music was nice to listen to, and the ability to change it was great. The characters were all likeable, with different back stories and distinct personalities. Although I was forced to level up more than once before playing certain levels, I didn't mind at all. The saving system, however, is the biggest fault. In battle and dungeons, you can only quite the game and return to the title screen. This can be very frustrating when you end up finding and opponent too strong, and you forgot to save.

Another problem is the AI. While it is far from stupid, it does have a few Idiot Ball moments, like attacking a Squishy Wizard is on a block that causes invincibility repeatedly.

Outside of that, the game is overall awesome, and has great replay value. I literally laughed out loud when I hear some of the gags. Simply amazing!