Reviews: Digimon World 3

A Decent Romp for Digimon Fans

Digimon World 3 is not a horrible game. It plays as a decent Turn Based RPG, and for Digimon fans, this game can be fairly enjoyable. You have 8 different partner Digimon you can fight with, and around 45 different Digivolutions available as well. The variety of enemy Digimon is quite good, and it is fun to see all the old favorites again, both as partner Digimon and as enemies. While the storyline is not brilliant, it isn't too horrible either, and certainly stands out better than the story in the first Digimon World game.

At the same time, the game has some significant problems. As mentioned on the main page, you will have to undergo copious amounts of level grinding, to the point where it can become frustrating. Travel always takes some time, with the only faster methods of travel still allowing for random battles during the trips. Battles can become frustrating as well, especially when the RNG god hates you and lets the opponent Digimon evade your attacks three times in a row, costing you the fight. In fact, the evasion rate is much higher than normal in this game, which is good when it happens to you (on occasion), but bad when your opponents get to dodge attacks that should have killed them (far too often).

Essentially, if you are a fan of Digimon and RP Gs, you can probably find some enjoyment in this game. I wouldn't recommend it for non-Digimon fans, however, since the Digimon Fanservice is the biggest draw for this game. Definitely give it a try, though (if you can find it).