Reviews: Dead Pixels

The biggest bang for your buck you could ever possibly find.

Dead Pixels is without question one of the absolute best indie games currently for sale on the XBLA and easily outclasses many of the ones that cost 800 or 1200 microsoft points. The game is fairly simple, but in no way lacks depth. The basic premise is that you must get to a helicopter evacuation on the other side of a city filled with the recently revived dead. The story isn't great, but this isn't a game you play for the story.

The gameplay is quite amazing for an 8 bit sidescrolling zombie shooter. There are over 100 different guns, over 20 different zombie types, and 3 different game modes to play in, as well as several support items like painkillers and grenades. All of this comes at the astounding low price of only 80 microsoft points ($1.00)! Compare that to more expensive games and you'll quickly realise there is no other zombie game avalibe that gives you more for your money.

The first mode is the base game and allows the player to select from a few difficulty levels and play through the story alone or with a buddy. The second mode is a new plot that has the same setting, but new characters and a few gameplay changes. The last is a survival mode that also allows co-op play between you and a friend with only one goal: survive as long as possible against the horde.

The graphics are decent as well as the story, but the gameplay is where Dead Pixels really shines. Each level is randomly generated with different weapons and items each time, which provides a different challange each time you play. The visuals may be only 8 bit, but blowing up a zombie with a grenade or nailing it in the face with some buckshot often have results on par with games like Fallout or Left 4 Dead. Needless to say, this is a game most people will want to play for hours at a time. Even the background music is epic.

The only real drawbacks are that there are no achivements to earn and co-op is local only... other than that there isn't a single problem to be found! Do yourself a favor and try this game... its only a dollar, would you really prefur a bag of chips or a soda to something this amazing? If so, you must either hate zombie games or don't own an xbox 360...