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The Most Modest Costumes Yet
You hear Dead or Alive you think hot girls in skimpy clothes and exaggerated Jiggle Physics that beat people up, right? Well while that certainly is something you'd think of in the series, the fifth installment still keeps up the good fighting game that it is. And quite frankly, that was the most modest assortment of costumes the girls got that I have seen ever in the game series.

Though when I played Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate (Last Round), I noticed there was again more emphasis on having sexy clothes for the girls. Fortunately, though, the men get just as sexy outfits now, too, so if you felt it was too unfairly balanced, there's eyecandy on both sides now.

But giving the girls some clothes to cover themselves isn't the only thing about this game. It actually made a pretty big jump in terms of graphic quality and included new, slightly altered facial for majority of the characters. And while at first I wasn't too happy when I saw how Hayate now looked since They Changed It, Now It Sucks, I did get used to it after a bit and realized how awesome the new graphics made them look.

The graphics go less into anime-esque bright colors and more into darker, grittier real life colors. The men now have some nice muscles without looking too fake and the girls now have very nice "meaty" curves to their bodies so they don't look like thin models with huge boobs attached to them. I think the one where this is the easiest to notice is Helena.

The fighting system hasn't changed a whole lot, unfortunately, it still consists of its usual fighting along with the counters that are actually more based on luck than actual skill. The difficulty isn't too high, either, compared to Dead or Alive 4. A good game if people want to enter the series but don't want to get too frustrated at the battle AI. Though they might be extremely confused when playing the Story, lacking the background of things.

Sadly, the Arcade, Survival and Time Attack modes in single and tag team are now separated by ranks from Rookie to Legendary and have to be unlocked one at a time, starting from Rookie and making your way further down the list for higher difficulty. A small annoyance if one already has decent skill in this game and yet needs to fight the "baby levels" of the AI to get to the good fights. Still enjoyable.
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Fanservice aside, it is a decent fighter
Note: This review is for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

The first thing that come to mind about the Dead or Alive series is fanservice and jiggle physics. While that is still true, there is more to this game, and this is not a bad game to introduce people into the fighting game genre.

Learning how to play the game is easy. The tutorial for each character is straight forward and teaches most of their capabilities. However, like in most fighting games, some characters have moves with Some Dexterity Required such as Ryu Hayabusa's Izuna Drop that most people will not bother using the move. Furthermore, the story mode also acts as a tutorial, while providing decent challenges as it progresses. While the game is easy to learn, and players will likely breeze through the lower difficulty levels, don't think that you can take on legend difficulty out the box immediately it will result in a curb stomp battle.

Graphics wise, the characters look great and more realistic than previous games, where they had a more anime-esque look and feel. They sweat and get dirty, which I am sure that adds on to the fanservice. The stages are fun to play and as always in the series, are interactive.

Replay value is like any other fighting game it mostly depends on player versus player, and there is both online and local multiplayer for that. The challenges presented in the storyline of the game will provide some entertainment and challenge even if you believe the story is ridiculous. (And some of you will.)

If you bought the original Dead or Alive 5, the main reason to upgrade to Ultimate is the new characters, as the costumes are so-so unless it is just about fanservice. (And if you bought them in 5 as DLC, will make you mad.) However, the reason Dead or Alive 5 was not a tournament fighter is because the characters are not balanced. (90% of players would pick Ayane or avoid Bass if they want to win competitively.) Sadly, this was not fully addressed in Ultimate.

Overall, I give the game an 8/10. It is still fun to play, and a good introduction to fighting games. Just don't get distracted by other things too much.

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