Reviews: DC Universe Online

On the right track, but still doesn't do enough.

I tried this game on the PS 3 after it went Free to Play . The combat system is really good, it actually involves the player, unlike other MM Os. The character customization is very solid, but it isn't perfect, the clothing options are pretty good, and appearance has the option to not be affected by the gear you have. However the male body types are either "hulk" "disproportionately large chest" or "lanky 12 year old", a more average body type for guys would be appreciated. Some gear, such as biomech and demonic, and the spiky hairstyle make you look like a douchebag, but you don't have to use them or anything. The powers don't feel super different, but do have a fair bit of difference, and the weapons do gain quite a bit of distinction in their playstyles. The movement powers are also fun to use, which makes you feel like a super hero. The cities feel a bit bland, but you can't exactly make every block in every city a special snowflake when you need enough space for 1000s of players.

However, it fails because it stays to close to the fundamentally flawed nature of MM Os. The enemies are all the same thing, regardless of how different they look; they stand still until you walk near them, then then just walk towards you firing projectiles. As with most MM Os the combat has far too much emphasis of statistics. I want to win because I had a good strategy or good reflexes, not because I had higher numbers than whatever I was just stabbing. The missions are also all the same thing, and because the game is based on stats and death has no penalty, outside of having to walk back to where you died, it becomes a contest of endurance, not of skill.

The game just feels like it is making me jump through hoops for rewards, but dressing up the hoops as something cool; like fighting Brianiac's invasion, and dressing up worthless rewards as +25000 XP and the "Epic Gauntlets of Devastation".

If the server sizes were reduced so that they could have better AI, combat where you and your enemies actually need to connect attacks to hit and missions that are "Kill X amount of enemies, break Y amount of objects and activation Z amount of swtiches for XP and gear", this game could be worthwhile. But it panders to the World Of Warcraft crowd, who just want to be spoon fed a false sense of accomplishment and nothing more, so it ends up sucking.