Reviews: NERF Brand

Rebelle Sweet Revenge

Much talk has gone up on various NERF fandom forums about the appearance of Hasbro's girl-oriented Rebelle Blasters. With some curiosity as to the quality of the blasters, I picked up the Sweet Revenge Revolver.

As a Hammer-action Revolver, the Sweet Revenge is essentially a white, pink, and purple repaint of the Zombie Strike Hammershot, which is more or less the exact same blaster. Rather than the cruder woodgrain and duct-taped handle styling, the Sweet Revenge instead sports a sleeker, curvier shell with a wing-patterned deco. Its included holster is built to the worn on your right side, clipped to your belt, and can hold three darts. In terms on build, it is as solid and reliable as most Elite blasters, and arguably more reliable than BOTH the Spectre and the Strongarm.

As a blaster, it is light and surprisingly well-balanced, and the hammer action is solid and the cylinder 'locks' smoothly into place cleanly when you prime it. It fires darts with good power and accuracy, matching the Firestrike and most Elite blasters quite handily.

While the concept of marketing it entirely at girls is a little shakey and subject to serious Your Mileage May Vary, the actual blasters and their deco are actually pretty solid. I'd recommend the Sweet Revenge Revolver if you couldn't find its Zombie Apocalypse-themed twin, the Hammershot, in stock, or if you prefer its sleeker look to the cruder and rougher-looking Zombie Strike style.