Reviews: Dog Sees God

Excellent. Truly excellent.

I had heard of "Dog Sees God" some time ago, and downloaded the script which I read several times. I jumped at the chance to see my university put in a production of it. The cast was exceptional, so I have to give then credit - like Spring Awakening, another of my favorites, a good or bad cast can make or break this show. There is an excellent balance of comic relief and seriousness; I laughed till I almost ran out of breath at Marcie and Patricia, as well as. CB's sister. The scenes with Beethoven, however, were touching and poignant. At the very end of the show when the letter is being read I cried (especially when Matt, who caused Beethoven's suicide, reads the part apologizing for C.B.'s loss), and I know I wasn't the only one. This play addressed the very serious issues of bullying, homophobia, and loss (among others) with sensitivity and the perfect amount of comic relief. I recommend this play to anyone who has ever dealt with bullying or loss, or who just enjoys an excellent piece of theatre.