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  • 26th May 13
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The finale: A reflection of the fandom (edited review)

The finale gave the fans more or less of what they wanted. I would argue that it was an example of real life writing the plot; either that or the writers were bigger geniuses than I gave them credit for. Take Jim and Pam's relationship, the discussion posts both on and Facebook seemed to call out Pam for her alleged selfishness in not allowing Jim to keep his job. The panel for their documentary had them ask those same questions, while Jim tried to take responsibility Pam took the blame. The show ends with the Halperts moving to Austin, satisfying the fans.

Another issue was Andy Bernard himself. Prior to season 8, he was the show's ensemble darkhorse. Season 8 focused on him a bit too much as he was promoted to manager. Season 9 Andy went back into the villain role of his introductory season, granted many of his fans thought his antics were justified. The finale was both punishment for his actions in season 9 while giving him the growth he should have retained from season 8's finale. He finally embarrassed himself with his immaturity, but it works out to his benefit.

The next few issues may not have been considered until well after the finale. Few people would have actually cared about Erin finding her parents. In some ways it was probably considered a lost cause in after her DNA test with Phyllis. Dwight marrying Angela was another foregone conclusion prior to the episodes leading up to the finale. Especially with the farm pilot. But people were happy to see this happen as well. The biggest thing that came from the finale was the return of Michael Scott. This not only satisfied the ranters on the discussion boards but demonstrated how real the ending actually was.

For everyone else: Stanley retired to Florida, Kevin was fired (but his new job fits better with his skillset), Oscar is running for state senator, and Creed went to prison. On the other hand, Toby' s life seemed to get worse, as did Ryan's. However Ryan sort of had a subtle change in his personality. While he abandoned the child who was abandoned with him, his attitude resembled Ryan prior to the promotion which made him a jerk (he did leave the Baby with a Doctor, for what it's worth).

There are still some unanswered questions but maybe that's for fanon to take care of. The finale was great. Whether it was planned or not it effectively ended the series.