Reviews: Thats So Raven

An enjoyable series from a much enjoyable time

I remember watching this when it used to be on,which would be over 5 years ago. It feels like such a long time ago. In all honesty one of the reasons I liked this show was because it was one of the few shows I remember that featured an African-american family. The premise of the show was also one that you rarely see these days: a girl who is a psychic has visions every so often about things that may or may happen and sometimes uses her psychic gifts to help her out in her daily life,and then Hilarity Ensues. I thought Raven Simone was great and funny in this and so was the rest of the cast. However the spin off show,Cory in the House, I found to be unnecessary and not that very appealing or interesting. This show wasn't great,but it was certainly one of the better live-action Disney shows,especially compared to the ones that plague the channel today.