Reviews: Street Fighter

I love this show so much it scares me.

Okay yes this is the follow up to the Street fighter film. So just in the same fashion as flowchart ken, you must decide if you found the first film enjoyable at which point you proceed to this. Whilst that is almost the case the cartoon is somewhat of a definet improvement in terms of accuracy to the video game story. And they do get the costumes done somewhat more competently. The events follows a short amount of time after the movie and all the characters from the movie are present including the few who weren't and even some from the first game.

But as many people would point out the premise is where things get wierd. Instead of having an actual fighting tournament, Guile now leads a covert team known by their codename: Street Fighter. Yes they mixed up this show with a healthy amount of G.I.Joe. But that doesn't stop them from travelling all over the world, including the Eastern settings like Shadaloo.

Thing is the quality in the animation is all over the place, although it is nostalgic. The voice work is decent cept for a few characters, special credit goes to Paul Newman as Bison of course. The sound pieces are of the craziest variety you can find regarding the situations they're used in. But the things that happen in this show are downright insane. It has the kinda narm you get out of Captain Planet, minus the preachyness turned up to eleven! The characters still end up with a rather unusual set of skills and storylines like the infamous photoshop Balrog. Watching this show the one thing going through my mind was what were they thinking? What kind of a though process leads to this conclusion!

Yes this is so-bad-its-good but it seems to have permeated the fandom. As much as they won't admit it they were thoroughly amused by this shambastic production. The reason is that there is so much memetic material that it exceed the first movie. This show has an overabundance of youtubepoops, whilst that maybe not be all a good thing, it goes to show how ... popular it is.

Recently the videos for the street fighter cartoon were all over youtube in full episodic glory, but now Capcom has decided to crack down hard. Now it has happened I have never felt so raw about losing the ability to see those videos or those episodes. So if you get the chance to see it, take it immediately! Or you'll miss the laughs, like I now do.