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Still lazy after all these years
Speaking as an offhand fan of Trek (I have only seen Deep Space Nine in its entirety, and avoid TOS the same way I avoid MASH — too much hype). And I think VOY is the litmus test of whether you're a real Trekkie. Real fans can overlook mild annoyances, others move on.

The series premise was a smart move on paper. If done right, the franchise could have continued evolving with each new iteration. I even enjoyed the pilot, "Caretaker". The problem lay squarely with the writers, who wrote a check they couldn't cash. They even have children and a cutesy mascot onboard the ship. It's just the same old formula, and it got so tiresome that you can smell the resentment coming off the screen. The writers went through the motions, openly scornful of this hackneyed product.

The second episode of the series has Janeway and Paris on an alien planet which looks like Bel Air, surrounded by rubber foreheads (Actually, they didn't even bother with foreheads this episode) who all wear the same ugly, Texaco gas attendant outfits. Well, imagine a whole show like that. It's creaky as all hell. The show had its moments with the Vidians, Torres, and The Doctor (Tuvok never grew on me — he was a proto-T'Pol, all humorless boredom and furrowed brow). But nobody really stands out in my memory except Jeri Ryan, who busted her purple-clad behind to elevate the material.
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