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Worth the Wait
The show has matured A LOT since the last reviewer commented on it. At first glance, Spartacus is mostly sex and violence, but as the story it developed, it also began to tell a compelling narrative about freedom, choice, power, politics, friendship, autonomy, and more. Now, it's one of the most progressive and well-developed shows on television. It treats rape storylines with the utmost respect, takes the time to develop its female characters, and includes queer characters in every season. The production team is amazing, as is the costume design, which draws heavily on Roman style and symbolism, and of course the acting and writing is superb. The show begins to hit its stride midway through Blood and Sand and reaches its full potential in Vengeance. As someone who loves Roman history, appreciates well-written fiction, and is exasperated with modern television's treatment of non straight-white-male characters, I can say that I truly enjoy and appreciate this show.
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Guilty pleasures with an insane HSQ
This show isn't deep, it doesn't dig into Rome and the reality behind the Republic and Empire. However, the show is capable of delivering the guilty pleasures of blood, violence, slo-mo insanity, nudity, nipples, Lucy Lawless naked... while also delivering several interesting insights into Rome.

The show does start out slow and simple - Blood blood blood sex blood sex blood. But around the 6th episode, the pace picks up and you get a little bit deeper. This is also about the time the HSQ picks up - Surprising deaths, manipulations, things you honestly wouldn't expect to happen occur and literally make you go Holy Crap!

Good show - Not deep, just fun.
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