Reviews: Sons Of Anarchy

Redwood Originals

Starting right off the bat with drugs and violence, Sons of Anarchy is the latest in the FX originals lineup, and has so far lived up to the reputation that has surrounded the network's series. The characters are three dimensional and have some complex motivations behind them.

The riders in SAMCRO are all motivated by real life, whether it be brotherhood, a way to provide, or even plain, simple psychosis. The supporting cast can be just as motivated, whether it be for love, for the safety of Charming, or even simple revenge. The way the characters interact means that webs of intriegue can pop up and be destroyed whenever, meaning the storytelling flows well and the characters can in fact change their own motivations.

Probably the most notable characters are Piney, his son Opie, and Chief Unser. Piney since, hey, who else can use an oxygen tank as a weapon. Opie is of the iron woobie breed, since he desperately wanted out of SAMCRO, but with his wife's assassination, now has nowhere else to turn. Finally, Chief Unser, who, despite being a supporting character, tries his best to keep up the arrangement he has with SAMCRO, in order to keep worse elements from Charming.

Probably the most notable part of the show comes from the similarities to Shakespeare's "Hamlet", which isn't a shock to many literary buffs, but the series keeps the ideas and motives fresh despite the passage of time.

If you're a fan of the FX original series, then I'd recommend grabbing your helmet and revving your engine, cause you'll probably enjoy Sons of Anarchy.