Reviews: Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 - My Head Doesn't Roll, It's Blown

I understand why people left this show. There are so many layers to the story, each one more complex than previous; the mystery has mysteries. And then all monsters you can think of are thrown in your face every week, bringing progressively crazier twists to the history of United States than all those conspiracy theories combined.

You'd think a series like this would end up with Kudzu Plot so entangled it will have No Ending at all, or even if it's resolved, the ending won't worth the journey.

I say the first season of Sleepy Hollow is not such an excrement. Every single episode contributes something for the plot and the characters' development. Every single concept and item ends up as Chekhov's Gun; even gags and small moments get their Call Back and pay-off.

In the technical side, all the actors nail their roles perfectly and are able to deliver their often-times ridiculous lines beautifully. Tom Mison (bless him) in particular, has that kind of voice that doesn't make exposition boring. The sets and special effects are decent with occasional ups and downs in quality, nothing is too distracting. Also, with its good directional style, I dare say Sleepy Hollow is one of the best shot TV series at this time.

Lastly, the finale is simply terrific. There is a ultimate reveal, a perfect plot twist, and a cliffhanger that makes second season impossible to predict in how it will continue the story. I just hope my head will still be intact when September comes, now with two horsemen in its tow.

Compelling, but distractingly bad writing.

Sleepy Hollow is an interesting show with a good concept. Ichabod wakes up 200 years later a la Washington Irving's second most favorite creation Rip Van Winkle, and solves crimes. The performances and action are well done, with some good acting from the leads and some thrilling scenes. However, it's clear that the writers have an amateurish grasp on actually researching their show. For one, they can't seem to decide if the cops are from the Sleepy Hollow Sherriff's Department or Police Department. Second, Ichabod describes the book of Revelations in the Bible. There are more copies of the Bible in circulation than just about any other book. We live in the age of Google. So the writers couldn't be bothered to look up the fact that there's a book of Revelation...not Revelations. This is minor, I know, but it just bugged me long after it was spoken. I know that it's a fantasy show, but the real-world elements are important. They ground the world of the show so that the fantastic elements seem more interesting and relevant.

Considering the writing of the pilot, I wouldn't be surprised if the show has similar mistakes that will drive me nuts, but I'll watch a few more episodes and see if it smooths out. I do like the leads a lot, it's a shame their show is so poorly written.

Awesome Pilot

After watching the Pilot, I have very, very high expectations of this show. The idea of the Headless Horseman as a bringer of the Apocalypse is a nice touch. I never really envisioned Ichabod Crane as the Badass that the show depicts him as, but I think it was a good change. I've always been kind of a fan of these retellings of classics as a genre (I eat up Once Upon a Time like it's the main course at a Chinese buffet) and this one definitely did not disappoint me. I only hope that it won't end up going the way of LOST (which ended up with a plot so intricate that I could no longer follow it). Fox, speaking as an interested viewer, please don't disappoint me.

Pilot Review - Epic and Awesome.

This was the new series of fall 2013 I was looking forward to the most. Yes, even more so than Agents Of SHIELD.

I am very happy to report that I was far from disappointed.

Expecting an awesome epic thriller in the vein of Sigma Force, I got that and more. The pilot feels like a blend of Elementary with its British Snark Knight and by-the-book cop duo, blended with Supernatural for a bit of black comedy and even the use of rock and roll (specifically, "Sympathy For The Devil.")

TV really needs more supernatural thrillers, a genre that doesn't get nearly as much recognition as it deserves. I do believe that Sleepy Hollow just might be the series that brings about the much-needed revival we need so much. The best part is that, unlike many popular thrillers, the pilot actually drops a little bit of Myth Arc rather than just leave it to take root under the surface, out of sight. They don't just waft the tantalizing fumes, they actually offer us a taste. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Secret causes behind the American Revolution? Witches fighting for good and evil? What more could you ask for?

I am very pleasantly surprised that this show managed to get such a strong ratings debut, just like Revolution. Here's hoping that it'll be just as successful, and that it'll build on all its high promise just like, say, LOST. Word of mouth can protect this one from The Firefly Effect, so let's us all spread the word!

Edit: It appears that we Sleepyheads are, in fact, spreading the word. Three episodes in and already Fox has renewed it for Season 2! This day we celebrate!