Reviews: Six Feet Under

Good, but uneven

There is no doubt that there is a LOT to love about this series. It was generally well-written, and very consistently well-acted. The series finale is definitely one of the top ten finales of all time, IMO. However, two things made the series good, instead of great. First is the "main" character of Nate. I know it's an ensemble cast, but there's no doubt that his story is what defines the arc of the series. It begins with the start of his story and ends with the end of his story. Unfortunately, it's one of the weakest stories in the series. Nate nevers really changes as a character. He's as clueless as to who he is and what he wants at the end as he is in the beginning. The second factor is one that's a risk with any long-running ensemble-based drama series. Eventually, you start going "Really? How much crap can happen to one family? Really?" Much like with soap operas, you look at everything that happens to these people and starting to wonder how much the universe must hate them, because nothing good ever happens to them. You know that if it seems good, just wait. It will turn to crap. But if those two issues aren't deal breakers for you, this series does earn all of the accolades it gets.