Reviews: Shake It Up


Yes. Enjoyable? Not really.

The premise sounds good. Every show has their shtick, and this one had dance, but with the main characters being actors and not dancers it's taken quite awhile for them to learn any complicated choreography (and I use the word complicated lightly). When the show does have good dancers guest star (I.e. Quest Crew) the camera work and flashing lights don't allow for any enjoyment or even a good look at their amazing dancing skills.

Despite this, the dancing isn't the show's weakest area. It's the subpar writing (with flat jokes, unoriginal plots, and need I mention the anorexia joke?) coupled with just plain bad acting. The characters are always over the top with their emotions and just plain awkward, especially the two main girls. Those two irk me to no end, and I've finally figured out why. They're just too alike! They're not foils despite what they've tried to spell out on numerous occasions. You can take practically any episode, switch all of their dialogue, and it's still true to each character.

On that note, my favorite part of the show is the little brother Flynn and his nerdy friend. They're good foils who play off of each other nicely. Unfortunately the show isn't about them.

If you turn off your brain, don't try to appreciate the dancing, don't expect to laugh at the jokes or connect to the characters, it's bearable. You can sit through it, but if you're expecting a challenge or great anything, keep moving.