Reviews: Seventh Heaven

7th Heaven

I'm not very surprised that this show was acclaimed by Christian reviewers, but I am very surprised that this show went #1 on the WB. Following a pastor's family that seems to have a trouble magnet, they try to save everyone that comes their way, whether their problem is either alcoholism or listening to rap music. The show's tone is extremely saccharine, and often the writing is subpar (as is the acting). The show also has an unbearable sense of taking itself too seriously. It also lacks any likable or relatable characters, strong writing, and realism (with an enhanced sense of melodrama). Also, despite trying to teach viewers "Christian" morals, most people will see the distorted and contradictory messages in the process (there's one episode that tries to fight sexism, though most of its female characters are stereotypical shrews). The show also seems to support antifeminism, gun control, no premarital sex, no privacy, and worst of all, having characters with names that don't exist in the 20th century. In short, 7th Heaven is a bore that begs to be mercy killed by God himself.

This show should only be watched if you have low standards in TV quality or if you are into Bile Fascination.