Reviews: Power Rangers Turbo

Drive Four On the Floor

A lot of people say this season blows. They could not be more wrong. This season doesn't merely blow, it sucks so bad, that it drags down the entire Power Rangers franchise simply by existing. Basically, imagine if Star Trek Voyager's 'Threshhold' had been extended over an entire season, and you've got the quality of this season. Granted, there are admittedly a few good episodes here and there, but overall the above statement still stands. I will say that Justin is NOT one of the season's detracting factors, actually, his moments of intelligence help save some parts of the episodes. But the cars theme is poorly introduced, and Divatox is incredibly annoying. And it's not a matter of Carol Hoyt doing a bad job replacing Hillary Shepard Turner, oh no, they both sucked badly. The only good villain was General Havoc, and he was sadly carted off almost as soon as he came in. The replacement Rangers were okay, but they weren't given a whole lot of room for development. If you do want to watch the season to see how it ties into to 'In Space', I recommend simply watching the movie, 'The Millennium Message', 'Passing the Torch', the Phantom Ranger episodes, and 'Chase into Space'.