Reviews: Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue

This is Hated...Why, Again?

Before I start, I will admit that I am a Power Rangers fan. I like some seasons more than others. That being said, there is one series that I like more than others: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Why?

For one thing, it had an interesting plot. Instead of taking over the world like all the past villains, a group of demons plan to take over Mariner Bay. Not to mention all the different twists in the series. For one example, a person steals the prototype Titanium Morpher. That person is later to be revealed as Ryan Mitchell, Captain Mitchell's son. Ryan would later join the Rangers, as all Sixth Rangers do.

The second reason why is because of throwing out different tropes. This is notably the first series to not use the "secret identity" trope because the Rangers were rescue workers (in a way). Plus, aside from the obligatory teamup, it had a different story than the last seven seasons. Finally, it had the first American-made Ranger, something that most fans remember.

Finally, the show had a darned good cast. While the majority agreed with Jennifer Yen (Vypra) being the worst Power Rangers actress ever, the other actors did well. Some were believable, and others had charisma. The most baffling is that some fans accused the cast for bad acting. Granted, they're entitled to their opinion and all, but I can think of other shows that have bad acting (or mediocre, to be nice).

Overall, Lightspeed Rescue is an acquired taste. You either love it or hate it. I happen to fall in the former, and while it does have some flaws (some of the episodes were ridiculous), I think that this series really needs more love.