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Devilish Delight
If you've got a strong stomach - and are comfortable with some pretty dark material - then this is a show you're not going to want to miss out on.

The visuals and cinematography are absolutely amazing (seriously, this might be one of the most beautifully shot television shows I've ever seen), and the acting is magnificent on all cylinders. Mikkelsen, Dancy, Fishburne, and Dhavernas paint character portraits that are equal parts compelling and disturbing. And for those who are fans of the Harris mythos, you're in for an additional treat: Bryan Fuller and his team clearly know what they're doing with these stories. Everything is filled with references and subversions of the original novels, but it's all fresh enough that newcomers still find plenty to enjoy.

The only real critique I have of Hannibal is that it can sometimes have a tendency to stray into the realm of melodrama. This is especially clear in the dialogue, which can be a bit angsty and over the top. But when weighed against all of the other amazing things this show's got going for it, that's not much of a detracting point.

Lastly, this series is chock-full of all kinds of motifs and symbols which only deepen the re-watching value. It's the kind of thing that tropers go a bit nuts for, and it's what I fell for pretty much right away. This is not your average 'murder of the week' show, although it might start off that way. It's not formulaic, and it will surprise you in the best (or maybe the worst) ways.
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